Rick Ehresman - Owner, Lead Developer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 111
Rick started with Spectrum, Inc. in 1995, and purchased the company on January, 1, 2000. Rick is responsible for all aspects of software and database development. Please contact Rick, or use our Contact Us form for any further information about Spectrum, Inc.
Margi Ehresman - Office Manager, Programmer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 114
Margi started with Spectrum, Inc. in 2004. She is primarily responsible for invoicing, day to day operations, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. Margi is our primary Crystal Reports developer, and she supports our team on all of our development projects.
Troy Graber - Programmer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 115
Troy also started with Spectrum, Inc. in 2004. He works primarily on large Web-based applications.
John Mierau - Programmer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 116
John started with Spectrum, Inc. in 2008. He works primarily on Windows applications, and Office automation projects.
Jared Friesen - Programmer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 112
Jared is a former small business owner with extensive hardware and sofware experience. He joined Spectrum, Inc. in 2015. He works primarily on web-based database applications.
Justin Seal - Programmer
 (316) 721-9788 ext. 117

Justin joined our team in 2016. He provides development support and assistance for a variety of projects.