Rick Ehresman - Former Owner / Consultant
Rick started with Spectrum in 1995, and purchased the company on January, 1, 2000. Rick led our team, managed projects, and for many years was our primary salesperson. His vision led Spectrum to prioritize custom software development. He is also a proficient software developer. He is an alumnus of Wichita State University.
Margi Ehresman - Office Manager / Report Designer
Margi started with Spectrum in 2004. She is primarily responsible for invoicing, day to day operations, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. Margi is our primary Crystal Reports developer, and she supports our team on all of our development projects. She is a graduate of Wichita State University.
Troy Graber - Owner / Senior Developer
Troy joined Spectrum in 2004. He wears many hats at our company including leading our recruiting and onboarding efforts. He manages projects, and is responsible for QA and DevOps, in addition to developing in ASP.net. Since getting his degree from Kansas State University, he has continued his education in the fields of project management, software development, and business.
John Mierau - Desktop Application Developer / Database Specialist
John began working with Spectrum in 2008 after completing his degree at Friends University. John is our expert at Windows Form applications and Microsoft SQL. He has significant experience developing complex logic in challenging environments, including Microsoft Access. Among his duties, John is tasked with developing numerous internal tools that make us superior developers.
Jared Friesen - Owner / Senior Developer
Jared is a former small business owner with extensive hardware and software experience. He joined Spectrumware LLC in 2015. He organizes professional development, and manages many of our larger projects, does QA, and DevOps. He is a Kansas State University graduate.
Justin Seal - Web Developer / UI Specialist

Justin has been with our company since 2016, shortly after completing his degree at Wichita State. Justin specializes in web applications, and frequently helps the team with user interface design. Justin deserves credit for many of our most significant UI advancements, and uses his skill to aid the rest of our team.

Elliott Ives - Mobile Developer / Angular Developer

Elliott entered the team in 2021. Having worked previously as a WordPress developer, he brings a keen eye for UI/UX. We’ve come to rely on him for expertise in client-side applications including Angular, React.js, .Net CORE, and Ionic for mobile platforms. He is a graduate of Wichita State University.

Seoul Peterson - Web Developer / Angular Developer

Seoul has worked in numerous tech stacks since joining us in 2021. His quick ability to grasp new technologies has enabled us to expand our offerings and support a number of new projects including upgrades to PHP applications, ASP.net, Spring Boot, MySQL, and Angular.

Cindy Conrad - Web Developer / Access Support Specialist

Cindy became a part of our team in 2022. She started out with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Economics before transitioning into a teacher and administrator. Once her kids were grown, she shifted careers again. Using Udemy to teach herself, she learned to code in ASP.net (Razor and MVC), and joined our team part time. She quickly took on a role supporting several Microsoft Access applications, and since has started converting those applications into ASP.Net Web Applications.

Ian Thomas - Dedicated Angular / Spring Boot Developer

In 2022 Ian welcomed his first child, and joined our team as he was still completing his degree at Wichita State University. We’ve asked him to specialize in some of our newest technologies, such as Angular, and Java Spring Boot. He has taken on the role of a dedicated developer for one of our largest clients.

Dwight McLeish, Jr. - Dedicated Angular / Spring Boot Developer

Dwight came on board in 2022 to join our expanding team. He brought a wide range of experience in a variety of tech stacks. He is skilled with Bootstrap, Spring Boot, Hibernate, React.js, and Angular. Uniquely on our team, Dwight is full time remote based in Valdosta, Georgia.

Brandon Smith - React / Angular Developer

Brandon entered the Spectrumware team in 2022. Having worked previously as a full stack engineer working in products that utilize Machine Learning and AI, Brandon also brings to us expertise in React.js, .NET Core, Python, and React Native for mobile applications.

Jeff Carlson - Software Developer

Jeff recently became a member of Spectrumware LLC as of 2023. After over 10 years in the IT industry, Jeff has made the career switch into software development. With most of his schooling related to IT, he has spent many evenings self-teaching various concepts and programming languages.

John Reed - Intern / Marketing and Sales

John is now a member of our workforce as of 2023. He is currently enrolled at Wichita State University as a Marketing major. A wide variety of tasks are given to him concerning marketing, internal development, and sales.